Architectural Roof Trusses and Structural Timber Poles

Architectural timber roof trusses in exposed ceilings creates a strong visual impact and are often used as part of ‘cathedral ceiling’ systems. Timber pole construction is typically utilized to provide support for gravity loads and resistance against lateral forces. The natural appeal of timber ensures that its role is not purely structural however, with timber poles complimenting architectural designs and blending with the natural environment.

They can be left natural or wire brushed, oiled, stained or painted, limited only by individual style and design preferences.

Posts and beams

Recycled timber is re-milled from large sections of timber predominantly from warehouses, bridges, wharves and decommissioned telegraph polls up to 100 years old. Providing seasoned posts in large section sizes.

Arbours and Pergolas

Structural timber is a good option if you’re looking for something with more design capabilities – perhaps a more tailored design for your humble abode or commercial public space area.

Structural & Dressed Timber Gallery